︎Films we’re making:

-Room Temperature-

Logline: A plain white humanoid explores rooms with more vibrant colours to find where it belongs.

Genre: Claymation, Short

Finalist, Shore Script Short Film Fund Fall 2021
Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic - Pitch Now Screenplay Competition Season 4
Quarterfinalist, HollyShorts Screenwriting Competition 2022
Red List - Coverfly Top 1% in Genre/Format 
Top 2% of all discoverable projects on Coverfly
Coverfly’s #1 Animated Short Screenplay in December 2021

Currently in development for production with See It Off Productions.


Logline: With the past haunting the present, Mikel finds himself losing grasp of the boundary between reality and his recurring nightmare.

Genre: Psychological Drama, Short

Unload is an abstract and surreal psychological drama that occurs at the intersection of reality and dream.
Following the protagonist, Mikel, as he experiences a haunting recurring nightmare, 
This short aims to create blurred boundaries between life and dream;
between the protagonist, Mikel’s past and present life;
as well as to create a blurred concept of time.

Currently in post-production with Innovation Filmworks.

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